50th Anniversary Gala

In this assignment, my class worked with The Rotary Club of Peoria-North to brand their 50th Annual Anniversary Gala. I received an honorable mention for my art-deco inspired design. Since the event honors members of the rotary group, I started with the traditional rotary-blue and toned it down to a dark navy to create anContinue reading “50th Anniversary Gala”

RLI WSIA Afterparty

This project was completed during my Summer 2019 internship with RLI Corp. WSIA stands for the Wholesale Specialty Insurance Association. Each year, RLI hosts a highly renowned afterparty for the annual WSIA trade show. In 2019, the theme was Carnevale: An Evening of Mystery and Merriment. I spearheaded the design of the logo, hero images,Continue reading “RLI WSIA Afterparty”

Peoria Zoo Wayfinding App

For this assignment, my class was challenged with providing the Peoria Zoo with a phone application to aid visitors in finding their way around the park, give patrons a reason to keep the application on their phones and increase participation with the news and events happening at the park. Below is the solution I cameContinue reading “Peoria Zoo Wayfinding App”

Event Branding for the Bradley University Alumni Association

During my internship with the Bradley University Alumni Association, I branded various events targeting alumni of the university. The primary challenge I faced while in this position was extending Bradley’s strong brand across all the unique events put on by the Alumni Association. Below is a selection of different postcards for events and examples ofContinue reading “Event Branding for the Bradley University Alumni Association”

Morning Sunshine

Morning Sunshine is a line of healthy and wholesome breakfast boxes. They are a nonprofit organization whose goal is to brighten the customers’ mornings and provide free breakfasts to children in low-income neighborhoods. The target market is women ages 20-35 as well as children under 15. Everything about this brand is bright, cheery, and organicContinue reading “Morning Sunshine”

Social Media Marketing and the Economic Recession

Decided to dive deep into the economic and social climate tonight. With everyone stuck in their homes, social media usage has understandably gone up. However, companies are bracing themselves for a longer recession and have cut spending on all types of marketing. So, the questions I have are: Is this pause in regularly scheduled contentContinue reading “Social Media Marketing and the Economic Recession”